Areas Of Development

Enhancing the whole constellation of intelligences

Bodily - Kinesthetic Intelligence

Preschool has an important role to play in the development of a child’s gross and fine motor skills, physical co-ordination and balance. At Lakshaya we fully understand and appreciate that early childhood is a crucial time for their development. Gross motor skills are the abilities required in order to control the large muscles of the body for walking, running, sitting, crawling, and other activities. Gross motor skills include balance, major muscle co-ordination, hand-eye coordination and strength. Fine motor skills are smaller actions, such as grasping an object between the thumb and a finger. With fine motor development the child is able to use his/her hands not only to eat and dress but also to draw, play, write, cut, paste, trace, tie, fasten and be creative.

Gross Motor Development

At Lakshaya, children develop their larger muscles, co-ordination, balance and strength through many opportunities for gross motor development: use of child body-gym, climbing, sliding, swinging, playing with balls and hoops, running, jumping, yoga, dance, etc. as well as other practical activities that include elements of balance, agility, coordination and endurance.

Fine Motor Development

At Lakshaya, our fine motor development activities focus on developing hand and eye coordination with a focus applied on strengthening and fine tuning arms, wrists and fingers in our children. Fine-motor development is enhanced through activities that children will enjoy, including playing with blocks and other child friendly construction materials including use of manipulative materials, puzzles, blocks, grading boards, use of creative art media, cooking, handling utensils, sand and water play.

Linguistic-Verbal Intelligence

We develop English language skills, active listening, speaking, conversational abilities, reading and writing skills among the children through a language -rich environment in our classrooms and targeted Language Lab. Language lessons are provided using interactive teaching aids, books, poems, songs, storytelling and many other literacy activities. Children will learn pronunciation, inflection, grammar and vocabulary from interacting with the individuals around them. There is a strong emphasis on phonics. Our children will delight in the acquisition of spoken and written language and thrive in Lakshaya’s vocabulary-rich environment.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Our curriculum gives children a strong foundation in logical- mathematical skills. Children are encouraged to master numbers and basic computer skills, recognize patterns and relationships, and develop the ability to solve different kinds of problems through logic and reasoning. Well-designed Montessori materials like counting rods, spindles, cards, beads, cubes and counters will provide the sensorial child a concrete representation which leads to abstract understanding of mathematical concepts. Number rhymes, classifying and sequencing activities, playing number and logic games, and solving various kinds of puzzles are some of the fun-filled ways by which our children will imbibe mathematical and logical skills.

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Visual-spatial thinking is the hallmark of creativity. Children with high visual-spatial intelligence are the artists among us. These children think in pictures and images, are keen observers of the world around them and have an excellent awareness of space. Our program nurtures visual-spatial intelligence in our children by encouraging artistic self-expression through drawing, colouring, crafting, two-dimensional and three –dimensional modeling; through fine tuning of observation skills, playing with puzzles, solving mazes and other spatial tasks, and exercises in imagery and active imagination.

Musical Intelligence

Our children will be encouraged to understand and express themselves through music, rhythmic movements and dance. The program offers many opportunities to develop this intelligence through rhythmic games and activities, singing, dancing and the playing of various musical instruments. This not only is a source of great fun but is also healthy and promotes our children to stay fit and nimble.

Naturalist Intelligence

At Lakshaya, we believe that children should connect with nature outside and not hibernate indoors. Children are given a daily dose of play, exploration and discovery outdoors in the garden and playground. Children’s awareness, understanding and appreciation of nature is further fostered through environmental themes like plants, animals, seasons, wildlife conservation, etc in the curriculum and through activities like recycling, gardening, observation of plant and aquatic / animal life, bird-watching, listening to the sounds of nature, and through field trips and nature walks.

Inter-personal Intelligence

We will develop inter-personal skills among our children by encouraging the habits of relating to others, developing positive friendships, learning to share, taking turns, respecting the rights and properties of others and teaming with others through guidance in graces and courtesies, cooperative games, group projects and interactions, multicultural books and materials, and dramatic activities or role-playing.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

The program fosters self-concept in our children and inculcates in them the skills of self-management, independence and the spirit of enterprise by providing many self-help activities, by free play, unstructured, open-ended activities, by displaying the child’s personal artwork, stories and family photographs, by representing the child’s culture and language in the environment and activities, and by creating an individually appropriate and success oriented classroom.

Moral Intelligence

Lakshaya is an effective partner for parents in striving to raise moral kids and teaching them to do the right thing. Vision and Values education is an important part of the school curriculum. The school seeks to ingrain in students principles and values such as honesty, goodness, courage, friendliness, compassion, caring and sharing. Some of the ways in which the school tries to achieve this is through moral stories, poems, plays, art, as well as by using teachable moments, by encouraging reflection, and reinforcing moral behaviours in children by appreciation.

Cultural Intelligence

India being a land of many rich and different cultures and with the world becoming a global village, we feel it is important that children understand, accept, and celebrate the diversity of people, cultures and customs. The school celebrates different festivals and multi-culturism and believes in Rabindranath Tagore’s ideal of ‘World together in one nest’.

A Tailored Approach

At Lakshaya, we recognize that not all children are the same. To this extent we will apply a focus on seeking out areas where any of our individual children require additional learning assistance or conversely show particular talent in any given area. Encouragement and further individually tailored plans will ensure our children are provided with optimal conditions to be the stars they undoubtedly have the natural birthright to be.