General Policy


• The school gate will close 10 minutes  after the first  bell rings.
• Late  arrivals to school will not be appreciated. In case of three late comings to the school the child to be asked to return home.
• In  case of missing the school bus/van, parents are requested to drop the child to the school on their own.
• Students who have missed school for medical reasons should bring a medical certificate from their doctor on rejoining the school.
• Parents should fill up the "Record for Non Attendance for each day the student is absent from school stating the reasons for the absence.
• No one who has been absent on the previous day will be admitted to the class without a letter from the parent, addressed to the class teacher, stating the reason for the absence.
• In case of absence prior permission from the Principal has to be attained.
• A student returning to school after suffering from a contagious disease, should produce a doctor's certificate permitting her/him  to attend the school.
• Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than three months renders the student liable to have her/his name struck off the rolls and the caution money deposit will be transferred to the school fund.
• It Is compulsory for students to remain 80% attendance during the course of the academic session, to enable them to appear for the final examination. A special certificate will be given to the students witl100% attendance. The percentage, however, could be relaxed on medical grounds, but such students will not be eligible to sign the roll of Honour or receive any prizes/ Awards.


• The School Library has a large collection of books, audio-video materials, multimedia CDs, maps, charts,etc.
We subscribe to magazines, periodicals and news papers.
• The Library follows the open Access System.
• Students are advised to take good care of Library books. (Library Orientation Program -To ensure effect use of Library Services the orientation programs for all students is organized every year).
• The Library issues the books to students according the allotted time table.
• Students can avail Library Services on all working days.


• The students will be issued one book per week.
• Classified books (Question Bank, sample Papers, Lab manual, Computer and Project books) will be issued only for three days.
• Reference books and current issues of Magazines/ Periodicals will not be issued.
• After the due date, a fine Rs.2/- per day, per book will be charged as over due charges.
• In case of damage to book or loss of books charges will have to be borne by the student.