• Library

    “At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magic threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better.” -Barack Obama

    The best way to create the readers of the future is to develop an innate love for books. At Lakshaya, we aim to help our children discover the joy of reading, and with it the appreciation and power of the printed word with a wonderful and huge collection of books that children will enjoy.

    The library has a rich collection of brightly coloured picture books including board books, pull-tabs, flaps, pop-ups, books made from cloth and plastic, concept picture books, easy readers and transition books which will enthrall the young readers and excite their imagination.

    Nutrition No lunch boxes required!

    Because we take the responsibility of providing nutritious and wholesome food for all our children during Preschool hours. We have a nutritionist who plans nutritious and balanced meals for children and also advises parents on healthy diets for our children. The food is farm fresh, looks good and tastes great.

    Menus and recipes are made available to the parents so that they can read and identify the ingredients used.

    On occasion or by request we will even issue recipe cards, so that you can make our meals at home.

    Snack time at Lakshaya encourages positive eating behaviour in children, fosters valuable interpersonal and social skills besides giving them an enjoyable experience at mealtimes.

    The Lakshaya School setting is a great place for beginning a long life of healthy nutritional habits.


    “The greatest wealth is health.” -Virgil

    Health and hygiene are important to our school. We place strong emphasis on the well-being and wellness of our students. The children start their day with prayers, yoga and meditation. Yoga is a great physical workout for children that develops their body awareness and also helps to develop their observation skills and increases focus. Further, health and fitness is in-built in our curriculum with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, games, music and physical exercise.

    The school also provides routine health screenings and medical check-ups for children. Teachers are fully trained in the use of first-aid and safety kits. We place strong values and importance on child-friendly hygiene and sanitation facilities in our school with sterilization of toys, disinfection of surfaces and bathrooms, etc. Lakshaya has quality control systems in place to ensure the highest standard of hygiene and sanitation in all areas. We like to be a ‘Health Smart’ Preschool.


    Lakshaya is a Non-AC school. In future also it will be Non-AC.