Discipline Policy

No.  Act of Indiscipline                                       
1      Coming late to school
2      Abusive Language
3      Damaging School Property
4      Not wearing proper School Uniform
5      Public  Nuisance
6      Disrespect to teacher
7      Physical Violence
8      Physical Violence In bus/van
9      Carrying mobiles,I pods and electronic gadgets, valuable things like jewellery expensive pens,
10    Malpractices/cheating during examinations/ unfair means*
11    Carrying/Bursting of crackers or playing with  colours
12    Writing of Graffiti  in school premises
13    Indiscipline during school trips
14    Bunking School 

No.  Corrective Measures
1      Will be sent back home
2      Written  Confession  & Red Alert
3      Written Confession + Fine + Red Alert
4      Almanac Note to parents.Red Alert to be given in case of repetition.
5      Written Confession (if repeated  3 times then Red Alert)
6      Yellow Card
7      Yellow Card
8      Withdrawal  of bus/van facility for 3-7 Working  days
9      Items to be confiscated and returned to the  parent only at the end of academic session cash, etc.
10    Paper will  not be evaluated  and zero will  be awarded + Red Alert
11    Yellow Card
12    Yellow Card
13    Yellow Card.Will  not be considered  for any other trip thereafter
14    Yellow Card