• High-quality school education depends on effective, high-quality teachers. Our teachers are highly qualified, well-trained and most importantly have a love for children, a deep rooted passion for teaching and the desire to bring out the best in the children they teach and care for.

    Our teachers go through an intensive in-house training program and have an expert knowledge of child-psychology as well as a scientific understanding of the conditions which best promote learning.

    At Lakshaya, our teachers create learning environments based on a deep understanding of children’s needs and development. They use a wide array of effective educational practices that reach a variety of learning styles effectively.

    The teachers have positive, sensitive and responsive interactions with children that build the children’s confidence, make learning fun for them whilst providing a strong foundation for their future intellectual, physical, and social development.

    At Lakshaya, early childhood education is not just a career for our faculty but life’s calling.

Sr. No.Member NameDesignationStandardSubjectQualification 
1 Virang DesaiP R T1 to 5ComputerB. E., CCNA, MCSA Details
2 Ms. Alka JajalLibrarian1 to 7LibrarianB. Com., B. Lib., M. Lib Details
3 Ms. Suchi ShuklaP T I1 to 7Physical EducationB. Sc., B.P. Ed. Details
4 Ms. Nirali ShahP R T1 to 7MathsB. Com., M. Com., B. Ed. Details
5 Ms. Vrijbala SolankiP R T1 to 5Eng, EVS, Maths, G.k.B. Com., B. Ed., CS Details
6 Ms. Rashpal Kaur LayalP R T1 to 5Eng, EVS, G.KB. Com., M. Com., B. Ed. Details
7 Ms. Bharti PatelP R T1 to 7Maths, ScienceB. Com., M. Com., B. Ed. Details
8 Ms. Charmi UdaniP R T1 to 7Eng, EVSB. A., M. A., B. Ed. Details
9 Ms. Sangeeta ShahP R T1 to 7GujaratiB. Com., M. Com., B. Ed., Pre. PTC Details
10 Ms. Shilpa PandyaP R T1 to 5HindiB. A., M. A., B. Ed. Details
11 Ms. Shruti GargP R T1 to 5Eng. EVSB. A., B. Ed. Details
12 Ms. Chaitali PandyaP R T1 to 7EVS, MathsB. Com, B. Ed. Details
13 Ms. Shailee ParikhP R T1 to 7MusicB. Com., B. A. in Music Details
14 Ms. Ankita PatelHealth & Wellness Teacher1 to 7Health & WellnessB. A., M. A., B. Ed. Details
15 Ms. Poonam AtrejaPrincipal1 to 7PrincipalB. A., M. A., B. Ed., EMBA Details
16 Ms. Sweta SinghP R T1 to 7HindiB.A., B.Ed. Details
17 Ms. Ekta MalaniP R T1 to 7EnglishB.A., M.A. Details
18 Ms Gurpreet PahujaP R T1 to 7EnglishDECE Details
19 Ms. Jyotsna GehlotP R T1 to 7EVSDiploma in Electrical Engineering Details
20 Ms. Joli VanapariyaP R T1 to 7AllB.A. Details
21 Ms. Komal MeghaniP R T1 to 7English, EVSB.Com., M.Com. Details
22 Ms. Mahek ChainaniP R T1 to 7ComputerB.Com. Details
23 Ms. Parul LumbaniP R T1 to 7HindiB Ed., M. A. Details
24 Ms. Nidhi VoraP R T1 to 7EVSB.A., B.Ed. Details
25 Ms. Deepika SinghP R T1 to 7Maths, Science B. Ed. Details
26 Ms. Reshma JamadadeP R T1 to 7HindiB.A., B.Ed., M.A. Details
27 Ms. Deepmala SharmaP R T1 to 7S.S., English.B.A., M.A. B.Ed., Details
28 MS. Kavita ZawareP R T1 to 7SanskritB.A., B.Ed., M.A. Details
29 Ms. Komal ShahP R T1 to 7English, EVSB. Com., MCA, B Ed. Details
30 Ms. Drashti DhameliyaP R T1 to 7Maths, ComputerB. E., M. Tech, D.Eled ( Persuing ) Details
31 Ms. Namrata BhattP R T1 to 7MathsB.Sc,D.Eled Details
32 Ms. Purvi PatadiaP R T1 to 7Art and CraftB. A. Art & Craft Details